Anupriya Raghav

Clinical Nutrition & Fitness Consultant

My own transformation of shedding 50kgs has provided me with 1st hand insights as to what does it take to lose FAT and be FIT.

I have 5+ years of experience with 1000+ client transformations across the globe.

Let's embark on a journey towards finding a fitter you through a diet plan & a fitness regime that is easy to follow and sustain.

I can help by

  1. Providing a Diet Plan which will be no different than what you might already be eating on a daily basis. Only change would be that it will be quantified and balanced - customized as per your goals, lifestyle, medical complications if any(Diabetes/PCOS/Thyroid/Hypertension etc) and aspirations.
  2. A fitness regime that is easy to follow - be it at home or be it at a gym.

I provide a quantified diet and workout plan as per my client's goal. The operative word here is 'Quantified'. So you will have to weigh everything raw using a kitchen scale and then you cook and eat only that much. In diet plan I will quantify every food item in gms/ml.

Example: If I have mentioned: 50gm rice, weigh 50gm rice raw and then cook it the way you like.

Workout: Fully personalized workout plan will be there, mainly strength training. You can opt for gym workout or home workout(No fancy machines required, just a pair of dumbbell is enough (if you are a complete beginner).

I would love to hear from you. Send me a message or ask me any question.
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